Oggi l’annuncio ufficiale.
Beryl è morto e Compiz continua come prima.

Ecco quelle che erano le differenze tra i due progetti (dal Forum di Beryl):

2)Beryl has a completely free and interactive approach with users. If a new thing is created (Read Screenlets, Strange Plugins like Snow) it is immediatelly considered, worked out and eventually putted into the SVN version. This means continuous sperimentations, innovations, fireworks, call all these things as you wish. In Compiz there will never be something like this, most simply because compiz is the same ever since it was created, nothing changed in Compiz, except for the Plugins that the Beryl community created and where imported. Compiz will allways stay the same. It is a very static and slow project. It’s like comparing Debian Stable to the latest version of Ubuntu. It is exaclty the same comparison. One is for complete stability, the other is for innovation. I prefer the second. I prefer Beryl.

3) There is to say that due to the patches the Beryl Dev Team applyed to Compiz’s Core, Beryl is much slower, on most computers. BUT it works. The same is not for Compiz. Strangelly, Compiz is for stability but as much as I’ve seen, Beryl works on allmost any PC, Compiz does not. It gives a lot of troubles to a lot of users. Beryl crashes, is unstable? Yeah, a lot of users says t, for me it is very solid, only Explosion Plugin crashes the PC if I run it very slowly while I’m rotating the cube. That’s an exception. I dunno wich of the one is thrue but one thing is certain: Beryl has a lot of patches to the core, that makes it basically different from Compiz. Just like Ubuntu and Debian.

Tutto questo ora è finito. Compiz continua ad essere sviluppato da David Reveman e gli sviluppatori di Beryl sono accolti da Compiz-Extra (la raccolta di plugins portate da Beryl a Compiz).

Del progetto di Beryl non resterà praticamente niente, se non il ricordo di qualcosa che funzionava.


Speriamo solo che qualcuno prenda in mano il vecchio progetto e decida di portarlo avanti.

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